Xtreme Fitness Gyms has opened in our Center and invites everyone to train together!

They opened this Saturday at VIVO! Stalowa Wola and invite you to join their Club!

The Xtreme Fitness Gyms team invites you to joint strength training and fitness classes under the supervision of experienced instructors who will help you achieve your goal and develop your desired figure.


Do you want to get to know them better and take a look around the Club? Sign up for a free ticket at: free tickets Xtreme Fitness Gyms and you will test their possibilities.

And then buy a pass and check the schedule of classes at the link: xtremefitness.pl/stalowawola/zajecia


When purchasing a subscription, you will receive:

  • fixed price guarantee
  • access to the Xtremego.pl platform - Train Different
  • access to the XtremeAPP application
  • fitness classes included in the subscription price.


Who are we seeing on the spot? :)

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