How many candles are on a VIVO! Stalowa Wola birthday cake? People who answer this question correctly will have a chance to win attractive prizes in our birthday contest. The winners will include TV, console, notebook, bicycle, skateboard, vacuum cleaner, gift cards and even a planetary robot!

On October 8-10, as part of the birthday attractions, we have prepared a unique pro-sales competition for you, in which there will be many interesting prizes to be won.


What needs to be done to participate in the fun and earn valuable rewards?


It is enough to do the shopping in the time indicated in the regulations for min PLN 100 (you can combine up to two receipts), count the candles on the birthday cake, fill in the coupon and report to the Competition Service Center.


The competition stand will be open on days 8-9 October from 10:00-21:00 and on 10 October from 10: 00-13:00.


We cordially invite you to have fun together!