Kulíškov – Children's playroom

Indoor playground for children

An ideal place for children and their parents

The Kulíškov children's playroom is a great place for your little ones. They will spend nice moments full of games and fun here, while you shop in the shops, take the necessary errands or just sit with friends and watch the children play.


In Kulíškov we welcome toddlers as well as schoolchildren. We prepare events and workshops focused on specific topics or related to the current season. For example, whole families can gather there and spend nice moments together.


Safe attractions and many benefits

Attractions in Kulíškov are safe and under strict safety and hygiene regulations. You will find a playground right next to the café, where we will be happy to prepare your favorite drink. The café is separated from the playground by a low fence, which is an almost invincible barrier for the child, but the parent can easily cross it. You can sit comfortably and still have your little ones in sight.


We have prepared a number of benefits for visitors to Kulíškov, such as the eleventh free entry, the payment of one entrance fee for twins or half the entrance fee for siblings. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones.


Offers at Kulíškov – Children's playroom

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