Mochi - traditional Japanese dessert, appeared 500 years ago, the production techniques of which, practically, have not changed much since then, but, nevertheless, the basic rule remains to respect the original - traditional ones.

Fans of this Japanese cake every year are becoming more and more around the world. Mochi is already well-loved by both children and adults and is harmless even for people on a diet or for those who like to be pampered with treats... The diversity of this frozen Japanese dessert includes up to 100 different flavors: vanilla, watermelon, strawberry, aloe, cherry and many more, it is certain that everyone will definitely find their favorite mochi taste.

MOTIKO is the only official producer of mochi frozen desserts on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the CIS countries. The uniqueness of the Japanese mochi recipe distinguishes our company among the traditional competitors of confectioneries, pastry shops and other manufacturers in the field.

Today the MOTIKO brand Japanese dessert is distributed both in the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia) and in Europe (Czech Republic, Romania). Apart from its impeccable composition, the rice dessert has a unique, sensational taste that will satisfy the whims of any gourmet. MOTIKO desserts have only just begun to conquer the tastes of Europeans, but there are already real fans of this cake.