Winter discounts: the most important trends of 2023 and inspiration for shopping.

The new year comes with energy, and January is always the time when we make the most plans for the future. If your New Year's resolutions include changing or shaping your clothing style, you've come to the right place. Let's find out what are the fashion trends in 2023 and make the shopping list together.

Winter sales are the perfect time for a wardrobe upgrade. All that remains is to be inspired and choose the most comfortable shoes when you go shopping, because the special offers will walk you from store to store.

We start with the most important aspect - the colors that will dominate in 2023. Among the favorites are cobalt blue, viva magenta and lilac. So, whether you want to start spring in a flowy lilac dress or enjoy a summer party in a short cobalt blue dress, now is the time to run to the shops and make your favorite scenario a reality. In addition, if you have planned important events for this year and are looking for outfits, you can choose pieces in these colors and you will definitely not go wrong.

The trend you've been waiting for: lace is back in fashion, so don't shy away from it if you find it in stores. In chic spring-summer tops and dresses or combined with other materials for casual outfits, choose a few items that suit you and that you can easily mix with what you already have in your wardrobe. Don't stop at black, white or nude pieces and dare to choose strong colors. P.S. We've had a look around the shops and have already seen a few lace shirts, tops and skirts that caught our eye.

Denim, denim, denim. 💙 Fortunately, denim remains in trend in 2023, so you can wear your favorite pair of jeans from last year without worry. This time, in 2023 we will see denim reinvented in dresses, skirts and stylish combinations.

For those who love sporty style, well, it's still trending in 2023. With a visit through VIVO!, you'll find relaxed cuts and comfortable clothes to mix and match as you like. Our idea of the perfect outfit: a pair of sneakers, a cargo skirt, an oversized sweater and some oversized jewelry.

2023 brings a bit of the 1920s to the shops, with their glamor and elegance. You will find sequins, silver or gold metal pieces, feathers and precious details in the showcases. Even if sequins make you think of evening wear and long summer nights, the trends of the new year inspire us to combine them with confidence in daytime outfits as well. Opt for a sequin skirt and a cashmere sweater for your next weekend brunch outing.

Now that we have reviewed the most important trends, all that remains is to see you shopping, at VIVO!. During this period, the stores have prepared the best offers for you.

Come discover them and enjoy shopping sessions in your style!