Spring is full of surprises and joys at VIVO! In March we celebrate women at the first session of VIVO! Talks - The female entrepreneur and inspiration for new beginnings and we invite everyone to an inspiring Sunday on March 26, starting at 3:00 p.m.

We bring together 6 different stories from challenging fields of activity, which we will listen to with interest. The whole discussion will be moderated by the host of this event - Ioana Botezan, voice actor with over 10 years of experience.

You will have the opportunity to listen to their stories, be inspired by them and participate in discussion sessions with each individual guest.

We are happy to have almost 6 recognized names from Cluj, whose activity we follow and appreciate.

We start by getting to know Olga Vușcan. Although Olga initially photographed events, after the birth of her son in 2011, she focused on family photography, becoming one of the founders of the Family Portrait Academy community.

Fond of cakes since she was little, Ioana Crișan has a special place in her heart for the French dessert macarons. She will tell us about her evolution in this sweet and colorful adventure that started in 2014.

While she is a senior Business Representative in a multinational, Dana Suărășan has not given up on her childhood dream of being a fashion designer. Today Dana inspires countless women to express themselves through clothes, to be strong and feminine at the same time.

For any advice related to styling, personal shopping and wardrobe cleaning, Blandiana Horațiu is the right person, her goal being "To make you look your best!".

Wanting to increase the real number of readers, Bianca Mereuță founded in 2015 the group "What we read to children", the most important online community of parents.

Brand strategist and writer, Alexandra Crăciun is known for the fact that she gives life and energy to every brand she works with and comes to VIVO! Talks to inspire us with her passion.

Because good things happen when we are together, we continue the series Bringing Art to VIVO!, and this time success stories from the entrepreneurial industry take the stage, in an event dedicated to women in the month of women.

We end with a networking session, where those present will have the opportunity to talk directly with the guests and will enjoy the surprises that our partners have prepared.