Are you preparing for a wonderful vacation on a sunny beach? Then you are definitely looking for sensational costumes that will highlight your figure. But no holiday is complete without the perfect swimsuit, which will highlight your strengths and, at the same time, make you feel comfortable. LC WAIKIKI offers, as every year, a wide range of new swimsuit models and all the accessories needed for every day at the beach for the whole family.


Full swimsuits - The full suit is back in fashion! If you want to be in tune with the trends, be careful not to miss your wardrobe this summer. Opt for vintage swimsuit designs that echo the days when voluptuous divas like Marylin Monroe made the law in the fashion world.


Don't miss the cut-out costumes, which are a must-have. They will add sensuality to the tanned body and give a touch of modernity. All whole models are in great demand in this one, but with cutouts. And precisely because they are so in demand, LC WAIKIKI offers a wide range of this trend, meant to satisfy even the most demanding demand. Choose a full swimsuit to highlight your figure.


Keep in mind, in their case, that it is not recommended to expose yourself too much to the sun, given that you risk getting an uneven tan.


Below, we have prepared a selection of full swimsuits at special prices, which are worn this year. Choose your favorite model!


Two-piece swimsuit


When it comes to two-piece swimwear, LC WAIKIKI offers increasingly sophisticated models and suitable for all body types and budgets.


In 2021 you will find a fabulous selection of two-piece swimsuits with floral and geometric prints to choose from, as well as bold colors and neutral shades. Two-piece swimsuit models are some of the most popular styles worn by women on the beach every summer.


Swimwear with prints


Wondering what swimsuits to wear in 2021? Prints of all kinds are very popular! Whether we are talking about animal print, geometric, floral, or even fruit, the psychedelic patterns on the swimsuit will highlight your hydrated skin and copper. The Deux-piece suit consisting of a swimsuit and bra remains the most practical for women who want to spend time in the sun. To cancel this, wear the straps tied around the neck and high-waisted briefs. You can find such swimsuit models both in LC WAIKIKI stores and online by accessing:


Modeling swimsuits


What swimsuits are suitable for plump women? The role of modeling swimsuits is to thin the figure and mask the problem areas, especially the abdomen. In addition to hiding unsightly curls, it marks the waist and gives an hourglass look, so desired by all ladies and young ladies.


LC WAIKIKI offers you a selection of modeling swimsuits made of special fabrics with a slimming effect, modern colors, and details.


In 2021, opt for the beautiful one-piece tankinis models, plus the large modeling swimsuits in which you will look and feel very good. Therefore, this summer, finding a modeling swimsuit is easier than ever:


Large size swimsuit - XXL


From XXL swimwear to 5XL sizes, LC WAIKIKI comes with a variety of options in 2021 to meet the needs of different body shapes. This year's large swimsuit models are designed to highlight the silhouette and accentuate the shapes so that you can enjoy the summer while looking absolutely fabulous.


Here are some tips on how to find the best XXL swimsuits:


⦿ If the waist is narrower than the hips and shoulders, then a two-piece swimsuit is the best choice;


⦿ If the upper body is narrower than the hips, back and legs, we recommend that you choose high-waisted swimsuits, because they will improve the best features of the body;


⦿ On the contrary, if you have wider shoulders, choose models that draw attention to the hips to balance the figure.