The new VIVO! Market has opened its doors: what can you look forward to?

It is big and you will find a lot of good stuff in there. You can have a good poké, taste quality wine, and beer, or buy organic goods. It is furnished beautifully and you can find things in there that usually can’t be found. We are talking about the newly opened VIVO! Market where you can buy products directly from local manufacturers. Let's take a closer look at this love at first bite. What can you look forward to?

Tomatoes from the Babindol Farm red up to the ears

As soon as you come to VIVO! Market, the intoxicating scent of tomatoes strikes your nose. Babindol Farm tomatoes will meet all your requirements for the perfect taste and aroma. You can even choose from several sizes and colors. Red, orange or yellow – which ones do you like the most?

Legendary Bratislava rolls

If the delicious scent of tomatoes does not hit your nose, then Bratislava rolls from the FantastiCo bakery will win you over. This delicacy was first mentioned in 1876 and FantastiCo improved it to perfection. All you have to do is decide whether you will taste the rolls with a poppy or nut filling first. You can recognize the filling by the shape of the roll – poppy rolls are shaped like a horseshoe, and the nut rolls are shaped like the letter C.


Starý mäsiar for meat lovers

Do you fancy local quality meat? In such a case, next time you visit the VIVO! Market don't forget to pay a visit to the Starý mäsiar store. It offers quality meat, dairy products, and eggs. Right next door, there is also a section with ready meals from chicken, duck, beef, or pork. Would you prefer it to the Asian, Mexican, or American way? Yummy!

Teleportation to Hawaii via Funky Poké

Wouldn’t you spend your holiday abroad this year? Never mind. Thanks to Funky Poké, you can experience Hawaii right at your home. Poké is a colorful national dish and literally a bowl full of health. You can enjoy vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Which ones would you try first?

Do you prefer beer or tea?

VIVO! Market has something for the food lovers, but also drink lovers. If you prefer good beer, be sure to visit the largest Slovak network of beer shops with beer from small breweries: the Beer Station. It offers the highest quality craft beer from Slovak and Czech brewers, which they call Živé, because it is without added artificial substances and contains all the nutrients that a beer needs. And if you are a tea maniac, be sure to visit the Tea Shop – it offers the largest selection of tea leaves in Bratislava. Pu Erh, Rooibos, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong, Yerba Maté, or Ayurvedic blends? What would you choose?

Healthy purchase in Bioorganic: guaranteed

Healthy, organic and fair trade, gluten-free, lactose-free or DIA foods, eco drugstore, and nutritional supplements. If you like to shop responsibly not only for your body and health, but also responsibly for farmers and producers, you will definitely like Bioorganic.

VIVOBA_ VIVOMARKET blogerka 3.jpg

What will you choose first in the VIVO! Market? Bratislava rolls, aromatic tomatoes, craft beer with a sausage, a healthy poké or an eco-drugstore? We invite you wholeheartedly  and look forward to your visit! And shh, sushi will be added soon!