THE BEST THINGS IN STORES – picked by our fashion blogger Lenka

Now that school has started and fall has arrived, you probably need to add some pieces to your wardrobe and apartment. Our fashion blogger Lenka summarized some things that are definitely worth looking at in stores – whether you need new clothes for school or work, miss a basic piece of the wardrobe, or feel a desire to decorate your apartment with some nice decorations.


Pastel color shades trending in RESERVED

During this spring and summer, several fashion trends ruled in stores. However, one trend was more pronounced and was so popular that it moved from the spring/summer season to the current autumn and winter season.


In the result, you can find various pieces in pastel shades of yellow, blue, pink, or orange, especially in the Reserved store. The trendiest, however, is the purple pastel shade. After all, winter does not mean that we have to cover ourselves in earthy shades from head to toe.


Don't forget that pastel colors optically rejuvenate and refresh our look.

Great some basic pieces in CROPP

Have you ever heard of the “CAPSULE” or the capsule wardrobe? It means a few pieces of clothing forming the basis of your wardrobe and can be easily and quickly combined into a large number of outfits.


Most of them are pieces in timeless cuts, quality materials, and neutral colors that can be combined easily. For example – jeans, white jacket, beige sweatshirt, black pants, gray T-shirt... clothes that save you lots of time in the morning, because they are easy to combine, which makes them the basis of a wardrobe – a capsule.


If you are looking for a basic piece for school, be sure to visit the Cropp store. It is aimed mainly at young students looking for comfortable casual fashion at affordable prices.


Logomania in the HOUSE

Are you a Harry Potter, Friends, or animated cartoons fan? In that case, be sure to visit the House store. The trend of logomania has become very popular recently. Which Harry Potter enthusiast wouldn't want an ALOHOMORA sweatshirt after all?


And if you are still watching the Friends show over and over again, combine a “Friends” cap, white T-shirt, and retro jeans and become Monica.

Elegant office pieces in MOHITO

Do you like elegant fashion or is this kind of dress code required in your job? In that case, stop by in the Mohito store and enjoy the latest trends for great prices.


And if you want to enjoy a new wardrobe piece that you will actually wear, we recommend the beige jacket with practical rolled-up sleeves, that you can combine with floral maxi dresses in earthy shades and high boots or beige pumps.


The perfect home accessories in SINSAY

If you love home accessories, you probably know the home decor department in the Sinsay store very well. Every decor lover can find the latest trends there for just a few Euros.


We recommend a set of plates, bowls, and cups in pastel shades with decent gold details for example. Or various candlesticks, stands, or frames in trendy gold color. Simply put, Sinsay is a paradise for home design enthusiasts.

The trend of logomania or pastel shades? Basic pieces for school or elegance for work or college exams? Or home decor? Which store in VIVO! Bratislava will you visit first?