NO MAKE-UP trend – how to achieve flawless natural makeup?

This trend is ideal if you do not want to apply a whole range of heavy products to your skin. The "NO MAKE-UP" trend is becoming very popular and we will show you how to use it. How to achieve natural make-up that will make you look like you're not wearing make-up and will make you look treated at the same time?

  1. Quality skincare is the basis

In order for your skin to glow, it is important to take care of it properly. After all, it is better to use quality skin products, adhere to the correct drinking and sleep regime than to invest lots of money in expensive covering make-up.


The results of a proper drinking regime on the skin are significant – the skin glows, is elastic, hydrated, and full of life. Did you know that an adult should drink 30 – 45 milliliters of fluids per kilogram of their weight daily? When it comes to skincare, you should prefer your skin over nice make-up.


After all, we don't need a lot of make-up provided we have nice skin. A Marionnaud expert has chosen the current cream bestseller – Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream, which will create a quality foundation under a light "no make-up" make-up.

  1. BB cream instead of a make-up
  1. BB cream instead of a make-up

Since we want the whole look to appear as natural as possible, we can apply a light covering make-up or BB cream on cleansed and hydrated skin. This nicely hydrates the skin and gently unifies it. It is perfectly fine if, even after using BB cream or light make-up, fine veins, redness or other imperfections can be seen since they make us special and your face will not look like a uniform mask.


  1. Concealer for imperfections

If you have not slept well or you are having a difficult time, which has manifested in bags under your eyes and acne, a concealer, which contains a high concentration of pigments, will help you cover up imperfections. It should be used only on small, problematic areas of the face. It is better to apply concealer on only a few places than applying a heavier concealer on the whole face.


  1. Cherry on top: the brightener

  1. Give your skin a fresh and healthy touch with a brightener. If your skin tends to be dry, you do not need to use a powder over a BB cream, you can use a liquid brightener instead.


Powder an oily skin at least in the area of ​​the T-zone and then apply the powder variant of the brightener. Where does the brightener actually belong? Above the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, above the upper lip, into the corner of the eye, under the eyebrows… you can really stand out and the result is a vibrant skin full of life.

Cheeks and a bronzer for a sunshine effect

Don't overdo it too much with your cheeks or bronzer. Sharp lines definitely don't vibe with this trendy “no make-up” look.

Using a brush gently and evenly apply the matt brown bronzer to the outer lines of the face and neck, also add a peach tint to your cheeks using a blusher. Remember that less is more in this case.

Eyebrows as a face frame

If you decide for the “no make-up” trend, your eyebrows need to be perfectly adjusted, because it creates the frame of the face and is very important for a nice look.


Coarse or thin, both must have a good "cut". Get it shaped regularly by a beautician or try microblading (drawing eyebrows with a lifespan of several years) or eyebrow lamination (combing hair up with a lifespan of about a month).


If your eyebrows have a light color, get advice on how to color them so that it fits your type and does not make you an unnecessary drama queen. At Marionnaud, an expert will pick the exact shade of your eyebrow pencil in accordance with your color type.



  1. Mascara with a natural effect

Artificial or unnaturally long lashes certainly do not belong to a “no make-up” look.


Instead, use a mascara that has a natural effect, does not stick your lashes together, and does not have an excessively dark black color (if you are a lighter color type, feel free to use the dark brown version). In the Marionnaud store, they have picked the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl for you.


Also, the mascara must be applied in a reasonable amount. There is nothing worse than lashes glued together, so separate them using a clean brush – ideally after applying mascara. But you don't necessarily need mascara to achieve stunning looks and full lashes. For a better effect, you just need to carefully shape the lashes with the lash tongs. The lash serum also provides comprehensive protection and support

Juicy and natural lips

When applying lip make-up, also pay attention to softness and naturalness. Whatever product you choose, be careful that it does not dry your lips out and keeps them neat and hydrated.


Forget about the visible line of the contouring pencil that helps to optically enlarge the lips. If you still want to use a contouring pencil, choose a natural shade around the whole lips and then apply lipstick. By using the contouring pencil as a base, the color will stick to your lips better


Natural makeup is clearly trending. Until recently, we tried to cover and change our face as much as possible by contouring, distinctive eyeliner, and false eyelashes. However, this type of make-up is not entirely suitable for everyday wear – because of time and other practical reasons. We believe we have convinced you that natural, gentle make-up is the best choice for a regular day. Now you know how to do it quickly and easily.