5 things to do until the summer ends

In a blink of an eye, the summer will be over. For most of us, it was a little different this time, because due to the current situation, we could not spend the vacation in exotic destinations or at the summer music festivals. Anyway, we can agree that even summer in Slovakia and the surrounding area can be beautiful. Before the sunny days are over, we have a few tips on how to make the most of them, so in the autumn you can say that, despite everything, the summer of 2020 was great.


Arrange a proper barbecue

           Barbecuing is no longer just a means to prepare the food. It’s a whole ceremony where you can meet your family and have a nice time. Nowadays, the shops offer a large number of barbecue aids and gimmicks, and also the Internet will help with lots of useful advice. So, it’s a pity just to throw the meat on the grill. Before the end of the summer, try to organize a proper barbecue where you will not be afraid to try something new – whether it is new recipes or the barbecue gimmicks, it’s up to you. In the newly opened Pepco store, you will find beautiful and very affordable tableware. In the Tescoma store, you can find all the gimmicks for barbecuing, dining, and beverage serving you can think of.

“Walk” the perfect dress

Dear ladies, you surely know that the purpose of clothes is not only not to wander around the world naked, but also to let the world know a lot about us. Also, it has another superpower – it can bring up memories and feelings. So, if you didn’t succeed in having a proper vacation by the sea, all you have to do is wear the clothes you've worn during the vacation or other pleasant summer events over the last years. I guarantee you that the vacation mood will appear as soon as you put the clothes on. And if you don't have clothes that scream summer and sea, don't get desperate. Try visiting the Orsay store for example, you’ll certainly find some on sale. Complete the dresses with appropriate jewelry or a straw-hat and quality sunglasses from Optika Mánia store.

Read a breathtaking book

If you are a book lover, you may have heard the quote that life is too short to read bad books. This is doubly true during the summer – most of us use sunbathing or lying near the water for this exact activity, so it would be a shame if you started a bad book, or none at all. The right book can take your breath away and attract your attention, and even more

– it can teleport you to interesting places you probably won't visit this summer. So, before the end of the summer, choose a great book, prepare a tasty ice drink, lie down in the shadow and let the book to get under your skin. You can find it in Panta Rhei, for example. Fans of Dominik Dán can look forward to his new book.


Go on the last summer trip

Some people like warm sun, dolce far niente and bathing, while others love action-style vacation in nature and in the mountains, and sunbathing looks pretty boring to them. No matter which type of summer vacationer you are, try to gain some experiences before the end of the summer. It doesn't have to be a week-long vacation – also Slovakia offers beautiful places and you only need a weekend to visit them. A proper family trip full of experiences will help you feel that this summer was worth it.


Prepare children for school in time

           Although you and your kids may have minds full of summer and leisure time, the school-time inevitably approaches. Purchasing at least basic school supplies in advance has its advantages – you don't have to squeeze in a shop with other families, you get your schoolkids what they need and you don't risk that things you need get sold out. And most importantly, you can handle everything in a cool and stress-free way. You can find a great selection of school supplies in the Ševt store. They offer also various colors or workbooks that stimulate creativity and train children's heads, so that returning to school is as painless as possible.

So, which of the tips will you consider first? Don’t forget that you can have a beautiful summer even when staying home or nearby. Everything is about a positive mindset and people that surround us, and of beautiful experiences we share with them. We wish you a beautiful end of the summer that you will remember for a long time.