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Travel back in time to the distant past and experience the dawn of humanity. VIVO! Bratislava has prepared for you an interactive and educational exhibition STONE for children aged 4-11. Designed specifically for shopping malls, this project awaits you with a unique adventure from times long past. In an almost hour-long excursion, you will be able to learn all the interesting facts about the Stone Age with the help of a guide, you will be surrounded by quality props and you will get involved in exciting games.


Together we will also visit a cave full of cave paintings, meet our ancestors, experience a mammoth hunt, the invention of fire, primitive tools and many other and incredible experiences from the prehistoric period. A fun photo shoot by the photo wall and a knowledge quiz await everyone as a souvenir. So do not hesitate and book an appointment on this line. Maximum capacity is 35 children and the exhibition is FREE.

The exhibition takes place from 29.2. - 22.3.2020

We are looking forward to you!