Books, notebooks and other things that need to be in the backpack

Text by Mara Coman.


The organization of the backpack for school should be the child's task. Okay, right? It's just that, until he gains experience, he needs help. At least in the first days or weeks, until the little schoolboy understands what he needs, take five minutes and check if he is missing something.


We all know that in the backpack are the pen, the books and the notebooks for the next day. This is relatively easy to remember and the child will probably be quite worried about not forgetting his homework notebook at home - at least in the first few weeks. But there are other things he needs and which fall into two broad categories:


For hygiene


We live in times when we don't leave home without disinfectant. Make sure you put a bottle in his pocket that he has easy access to. A packet with dry wipes, one with wet wipes (possibly also antibacterial) and a few disposable masks are also useful.


For lunch break


Check to see if the food package is in the backpack and not left on the kitchen table. It happens often, we're just sleepy early in the morning. Then, for the lunch break, slip in a lunch box and a small towel (like the ones for the face) - because the children often eat in class on the bench.


Don't forget the water bottle. I bought the girls reusable bottles, made of materials that do not affect their health. At first they left home with bottled water, but it seemed to me that the backpack was too heavy. So they preferred to put water directly at school, because they have special dispensers.


What NOT to have in the backpack?


Tablet and video games. Even if I only use them during breaks, there is chaos in the classroom when a child starts playing on the tablet. And, after being at home in the pandemic for so long, it will be good for them to talk or play with each other, not on any device.


Is there the perfect backpack?


If we talked so much about what the backpack contains, we could give it a little attention. It would be great to find a roomy and light backpack. And it's not very hard, there are enough brands that produce backpacks made of light materials, with wide straps, with ergonomic shapes, easy to carry in the back. These aspects are really important for your child's health.


Then, in terms of organization, it's great to choose one with more compartments and pockets. Otherwise, there will be chaos; even for an adult it is difficult to find many things in a non-compartment backpack. It is ideal to establish with the child in which compartment he puts the notebooks, in which textbooks, in which pocket the pencil case is, in which pocket are the masks. Of course, order will not be kept forever, your little one will need help. Anyway, it's good to check from time to time, especially since you can find all sorts of surprises, like an apple waiting there, forgotten for about two weeks.


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