Thursday 02 November 2017 - Sunday 05 November 2017

7 Years of Smiles

For 7 years, we enjoy together.
For 7 years, we're a big family.
And it is time to celebrate together 7 years of smiles!
Between 2nd and 5th of November make shopping at VIVO! Baia Mare, and you can win one of the two excursions to Disneyland for the whole family. Yes, two families will go to Disneyland Paris for new reasons to smile.

You can participate at the lottery with receipts worth at least 100 lei.
The value of the receipts does not cumulate.
Every person can participate with a single receipt issued by the same store between 2nd and 5th of November.
Based on the receipts with higher value, will be completed a new lottery ticket at every 100 lei.

7 years of smiles, between 2nd and 5th of November, at VIVO! Baia Mare!

The names of the winners will be displayed on the site within 2 days from the date of the extraction.
See here the complete rules of the advertising campaign.

The winners are:

1. Stelian Pintea
2. Kocsis Stefan