eSmoking World

Electronic cigarettes, Liquids, e-smoking accessories

eSmoking World is Europe's largest multi-brand, specialized sales network of electronic cigarettes, liquids and e-smoking accessories belonging to the CHIC group. Its portfolio includes several dozen own brands, including Volish, Mild, Cottien, Vype, Provog, Tesla, Joyetech, Kangertech, Vision, Aspire, Freesha, LiQueen, P1, Aromativ, Dr. JackDR, Liqua, Innokin, Wismec, Sense, UD or Fiber Freaks. They are supplemented with brands belonging to world-renowned producers.

In the interests of the health of its customers, the company develops newer technologies and compositions. In addition, rigorous emissions tests are carried out and the company has received numerous required certificates. For questions and concerns, at eSmoking World in VIVO! Piła is a qualified salesperson who will be happy to advise you on various product related issues.

We invite you to eSmoking World store in VIVO! Piła.


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