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The T-Mobile brand shop offers a complete portfolio of products and services from T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

We will help you choose a new phone, internet on your mobile, or set it up on tablets and laptops, or discuss the latest in the world of telecommunications. Consultants are also available for fixed line services. We will advise you whether to choose a flat rate eg for unlimited calls or SMS and for that data for one discounted price, or it is better to recharge your credit as you need and you can call, SMS and date without a contract. If you are traveling abroad and there you can enjoy the services without worrying at home - we will advise you how to travel with your phone abroad without fear of high prices.

In-store invoices and Twist cards can be recharged. You can view and test the exhibited products and phones, and some can be tested on site. If you choose a phone, we will be happy to help you set up and an integral part is the possibility to combine the appropriate services directly as you need. You will find the latest smartphones in the offer
at discounted prices with the tariff and in installments without any increase. We offer modern tablets for work and entertainment, for which you choose a suitable data plan, or add a stylish smart watch to your wardrobe. They are suitable for both sport and casual wear.

Last but not least, we will show you hundreds of T-Mobile TV programs that have the latest features. Up to 7 days back, you can watch your favorite shows. Did you miss the beginning? You let him go when you come home or maybe on the weekend. Up to 151 programs via the Internet, up to 110 via satellite. Czech and foreign. Documents, sports, animations for children, series and films. Even for adults. With our TV everyone can choose.

In our shop at VIVO! Hostivař will help you arrange everything you may need to connect with others. And we like it - we enjoy it. After all, come and see for yourself.

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