Service and sales of laptops and desktops

We offer service and sales of laptops and desktops, both new and refurbished. Most of the service work is done while you wait, unless it is necessary to order a part that is out of stock. Take advantage of our many years of experience and favorable prices in -1. floor of shopping center VIVO! right next to the post office.

What we offer:

• Sale of refurbished and new laptops
• Sales of new and refurbished desktop computers.
• Customized desktop construction according to customer requirements and price budget
• purchase of desktops and notebooks up to 7 years old, even damaged to parts
• Dust cleaning + heat transfer paste replacement
• Reinstall Windows including driver installation and Bios upgrade
• Back up your data and return to the reinstalled computer
• Free transfer of data from your older PC or laptop to the computer purchased from me
• Upgrade - upgrade your older notebook or desktop computer
• Upgrading your operating system, for example from Windows 7 to Windows 10
• Replacing cracked displays on laptops
• Replacement of keyboards, broken hinges and whole plastic parts
• replacement of defective hard drives + data backup
• and much more....
If we are unable to repair your computer, we can purchase it for replacement parts and recommend an adequate machine.



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