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Come to the cinema! - Mother in trouble!

Sylvie (Petra Hřebíčková) has love, a family, a marriage, a good job. She is hardworking and responsible. Sylvie can handle anything. That's why others rely on her. But... Suddenly she feels that her life is collapsing under her hands and she just can't take it anymore. She wants to get away from everything, to get some time off to think about how to put things back in order. Most of all, however, she must put herself in order. But where can you hide? Where to find a friend who would make her lemon balm tea, listen and not ask anything? Is it a happy coincidence or fate that Sylvie meets Anna at this moment? At first glance, Anna (Lenka Vlasáková) is a tough woman who cannot be defeated by anything. But she also needs a friend. He just doesn't know it yet.


And then there is Sylvia's mom Regina (Jana Švandová), who always has some critical remark ready, especially regarding Sylvia's husband Tomáš (Jaroslav Plesl). According to her, he is neither a suitable husband for Sylvia nor a suitable father for Sylvia's children. And as a son-in-law, he is… absolutely unbearable.


Does it remind you of anything? The almost-comedy Mother in trouble about family, love and friendship is perhaps about you too!
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