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Dr.Max Pharmacy offers its patients and customers a completely new and modern approach to medical and preventive care, which fully corresponds to the requirements of today. When designing a pharmacy, we always base ourselves on empirically proven models of customer behavior, we take into account all of its individual requirements and we also use considerable experience from our foreign branches.

We respect modern trends and technologies, and we perceive the great impact of the Internet in seeking information on lifestyle, health, prevention and treatment. We meet in our pharmacies with a very knowledgeable customer who will find out a lot of information before coming to the pharmacy. Our role is to be a professional guarantor who validates all this information and helps our patients and customers to find the optimal solution to the problem. This is both objective and subjective. It is very important for us to understand and be a partner.
Therefore, you will not find the classic huge dispensing counters, forming a barrier and dividing the pharmacy into a public and professional. We want to be close to you and have the opportunity to communicate well with you.

The possibility of your own choice and perfect introduction to the product is very important. That's why all our pharmacies are equipped with large self-service zones, where you can see all the products on your own, make your own decisions on pack size and price. Our experts will only oversee possible contraindications, interactions and other professional issues.

Currently there are about 100,000 different types of medicines and food supplements on the market in various packaging, form of administration, price and above all quality. To make your choice easier and at the same time to be sure that you are buying the highest quality with proven effect, we make a strict selection of the medicines on offer. But the last choice is yours.

Taking medicines, nutritional supplements and consuming some foods at the same time can cause side effects that can significantly or completely eliminate or multiply the healing effects. This may render the treatment ineffective or impair the patient's health. Only in our pharmacy network can you apply for a medication card, through which you will be under professional control at any of our pharmacies and we will always notify you in advance of any unwanted interactions. And as a care for your health you will receive a discount.

Please come and see for yourself in one of our 80 pharmacies what modern medicine and pharmacy looks like. Experience a pharmacy visit where they perceive you as an equal partner.


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