Little Health

General practitioners

Malé zdraví Hostivař is one of the branches of the Prague network of general practitioners. We provide general practitioner services to children, adolescents and adults.


We offer our clients:

- diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases
- systematic professional care for long-term illnesses
- vaccination
- medical and preventive care, such as monitoring the health of children in preventive examinations
- assessment activities and advice
- consulting activities in the areas of maternity, parenthood or family support
- diagnosis and consultation in case of atypical problems
- prevention programs
- Healing and spa stays
- lectures on interesting topics
- shooting earrings


Why become a client?

We are the first workplace of this type with extended office hours and a sophisticated ordering system. You don't have to worry about unnecessary waiting with us. We rely on the teamwork of smiling and erudite doctors and nurses and top medical equipment such as CRP, streptest, uricult, glucometer, Ph-meter, otoscope or biotron lamp.


Our system is connected to professional and specialized clinics, where we refer our clients for consultation examinations. We provide prevention programs, vaccinations and consultations, which are covered by health insurance. So you don't have to pay anything extra. When traveling by car, park comfortably in one of the local car parks. You can easily reach us by public transport.


We have concluded contracts with the following health insurance companies:

111 - General Health Insurance Company
201 - Military Health Insurance Company
205 - Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company
207 - Branch health insurance company
209 - Škoda Employees' Insurance Company
211 - Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior


Offers at Little Health

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