Cloudy Spa

Nail and cosmetic studio

We will help you choose the color of the paint

Our Cloudy Spa branch is part of a network of nail and cosmetic studios. We provide our customers with a range of services including manicures, pedicures or, for example, eyelash extensions at very favorable prices.


Come and choose from a wide range of nail polish colors. It is possible to have a professional consultation with our manicurist, who will advise you which color is ideal for you. We can fulfill every wish, from complex nail design to simple coloring. We will be happy to prepare a different design for each occasion, so that your nails match the clothes you are going to wear. We follow current trends and can recommend the color that is currently the most "in".


Come relax

Our wish is for clients to leave us satisfied with the appearance of newly modified nails. Many customers come to us to relax. While we give them a pedicure, they can throw away everyday worries for a while and rest. Our customers have priority, but we will be happy to serve you even without an order.


We look forward to seeing you on the 1st floor of OC VIVO! Hostivař.


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