Come to the Cinema - Gump 2!


Hello, this is Gump. Do you still remember me? It's been a long time since I heard from you, I know. But I was happy. And when a dog is happy, just like a person, it doesn't need anything else.

My new film journey will begin exactly where the previous one ended. My beloved Béďa Kozí Bobek and I will go through the story that the stars wrote for us long before that. On that journey I will again meet a lot of new people, but also animals, not only dogs. For example, the brave piglet Prince, the slightly cocky Silvera the rooster, the star of the arena pony Tommorow, or the dog Julián, who saved the lives of his people. And I will also find my sister Kyticka.

For those of you who found the first movie too sad and painful, don't worry. He will be happier now. I'm not saying you won't cry, but you'll definitely laugh more this time.

A story for everyone who can read a dog's eyes, but also for those who can't yet or don't believe it's possible.

Your shopping mall in Hostivař

The VIVO! mall is far away from the hectic city center and closer to the tranquility of nature, but still within easy reach with good transport options. As VIVO! Hostivař has a comfortable size, you can appreciate the relaxed atmosphere with a touch of local character and in a moment you can get and arrange everything you may need.