Clothing for brave, confident and self-styled people.

The Medicine brand focuses on a creative approach to fashion, inviting young designers to cooperate who prepare collections dedicated to young people, women and men. Medicine creates clothes for people who do not adapt to fashion, but adapt fashion to their style. People who are not afraid of challenges are open to new things and have their own original image. Medicine is a lifestyle brand for everyone who is open to new things, but who values ​​a timeless classic, for creative, metropolitan individualists looking for casual clothes, but with a clear accent of independence. All this while taking care of aesthetics, high quality and comfort.

In the VIVO! Piła brand salon customers will find a wide range of casual clothing that works well for going to work, for lunch with friends, on a date, as well as a disco. It is also an ideal place for aesthetes and idealists. The Medicine clothing concept was created from the need to create a brand that will allow the client to implement their own ideas with the help of designers who have vast knowledge. The company's mission is to create a completely new quality on the market, introduce intriguing and interesting collections - and thus create a new brand. Mark avoids uniformity, wanting to follow his path. According to its idea, the company creates unique limited collections that will make everyone feel special. ""Art is my Medicine"" is the hallmark of the brand - a characteristic marriage of the fashion world with culture and art.

We invite you to the VIVO! Piła Medicine salon.



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