Take part in the action "Pack your luggage for summer travels!"

On July 14 and 15, between 12:00 and 20:00, a special holiday action will take place in our Center under the slogan: "Pack your luggage for summer travels!". Are you ready for the power of attractions? Here's what we have prepared for you!

Attractive shopping bonuses
How to take part in the action?
Do your shopping, show your receipt at the Campaign Service Point (in the food court zone) and collect your prize!
- For spent min. PLN 200 (on one receipt) you will receive a summer gift as a gift.
- For spent min. PLN 300 (on one receipt) - we have a gift card worth PLN 50 for you!

Time-packing contest
Are you a master of organization? Take part in our game of packing luggage on time and win a set of suitcases perfect for a holiday trip.
What are the rules?
- After presenting the receipt, you will be able to complete the competition task of packing a suitcase, using the prepared items so that the suitcase with its contents weighs exactly 5 kg.
- You have 30 seconds to do this. Once you've finished packing, you'll see how much weight your suitcase has gained.
- Customers who score closest to 5 kg will win sets of suitcases.

We strongly encourage you to visit VIVO! Saw and attended the event.