"This year we will have a different celebration of Children's Day than we have done so far, that's why we've prepared even more attractions and competitions for kids! For the safety of our customers, we decided to organize unforgettable online fun on May 30 via our Facebook profile. We will start live at 15:00. You can't miss it!
On Saturday, May 30, our fanpage evenly at 15:00 the live from the VIVO Television Studio specially prepared for Children's Day will start! Saw - Kids Channel. A world full of fairy tales will be revealed to all viewers by two colorful characters who will broadcast live from our TV studio. The lecturers prepared three separate thematic blocks, during which children will be able to actively participate in the fun. We'll start by saying hello and getting to know each other through comments. At. 16:00 we will learn the secrets of colorful balloons and conduct a test, what toys can lift a helium balloon. Then at 17:00, we will move to the world of games and we will deal with fairy-tale riddles and rhymes - every toddler will be able to comment on their rhymes with words such as school or children and guess fairy tales from colorful pictures. At. At 6:00 pm, the Clown will join the fun and ask children who they want to be in the future and what dreams they have. He will also reveal some secrets from his work and tell you how long helium balloon can hold in the air. The event will be divided into 4 entries every hour from 15:00, and prizes will be held at each live entry. Three VIVO gift cards are waiting for the winners! worth PLN 300, five VIVO gift cards! worth PLN 50 and additional prizes."