Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper este inca din anul 1908 un brand popular in lumea modei si, in special, in cea a denimului autentic. Compania britanica a fost infiintata in zona East End a Londrei, de Morris Cooper, si a ajuns, la nivel global, sa fie un pionier al vestimentatiei casual, perfecta pentru activitati cotidiene, dar si un pionier al denimului de calitate, cu care se identifica de mai bine de 100 de ani.

Since 1998, Lee Cooper has been a popular brand in the world of fashion and, in particular, that of authentic denim. The British company was founded in the East End area of ​​London by Morris Cooper, and has become, globally, a pioneer of casual clothing, perfect for everyday activities, but also a pioneer of quality denim, with which it identifies. for over 100 years.

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