At our restaurant you decide how much and what you eat.

The Olimp Restaurant at VIVO! Stalowa Wola belongs to the fastest growing and largest chain of fast, casual dining restaurants in Poland. They offer tasty and diverse European dishes with elements of world cuisine. On our menu you can always find seasonal dishes. All dishes are prepared on the premises by experienced chefs, and the extensive menu (changing throughout the day) allows you to independently compose a healthy and nutritious meal.
At the Olimp restaurant at VIVO! Stalowa Wola, the customer decides which dishes, and in what quantity, end up on their plate, paying a standard price per 100 g of food. As a result, you control how much you pay, and receive your meal quickly and efficiently.

The restaurant chain currently has a few dozen locations across the country, and counting... The Frequent Customer Card gives customers attractive discounts on meals. There are also additional discounts for students.


Offers at Olimp

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