The ViVio brand was created out of love for healthy food and the need to promote an active lifestyle.

ViVio store located in VIVO! Krosno is a place that provides access to unprocessed food products free of harmful substances, necessary to maintain a balanced diet. Everything at competitive prices and the highest, proven quality.

In our store at VIVO! You will find:
• oils, oils and butters;
• healthy sweets and snacks;
• dried fruits and nuts;
• spices and herbs;
• grains, seeds, superfoods;
• tea, coffee, yerba mate;
• honey and beekeeping products;
• groats and rice;
• flours and baking products;
• vitamins and minerals;
• dietary supplements;
• natural cosmetics;
• ecological cleaning products;
• ecological hygiene products.
The offered products come from certified, ecological and proven sources.

The ViVio brand is created by committed employees, full of passion and love for a healthy lifestyle, who always provide professional assistance in the selection of products, their properties and application.

We invite you to visit the ViVio store at VIVO!