Musse, casual clothes, comfortable for men, quality materials at affordable prices

It all started with a single MUSSE shop where clothes were brought that are quintessential to the personality and uniqueness of any man.
The collections include casual clothes for those men who are looking for comfortable, versatile office clothes, for those who are looking for office outfits with a comfortable fit but also avant-garde with architectural cuts and special elements.
The variety and offer of products also presented at the VIVO! Pitesti shopping centre have strengthened our position in the market and in the preferences of men, because we always find something that suits their style.
Now MUSSE has become a network of offline shops in the most important cities in the country to reach as many men as possible who want to wear MUSSE.

The step to open an online shop met the wishes of our customers who want virtual shopping experiences, closer to them and quicker to order.


Offers at Musse

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