Donuterie, the most popular donut shop, delicious, aromatic, decorated with different toppings

We are a confectionery business that opened its first shop, the first Donuterie, on 28 March 2014, in Târgu Mureş. We wanted from the beginning a job where we would be passionate about and that would give us the challenge of being better every day. We tested in the kitchen different donut recipes with various ingredients until, finally, they came out as we wanted: fluffy, creamy, unique.

In June 2015 we opened the first shop in Cluj-Napoca where we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which we were received and it was confirmed once again that what we do, we do well. We ended 2015 with the opening of 3 shops in Cluj-Napoca and 2017 with 20 shops throughout the country.

Donuteria from VIVO! Pitesti shopping mall, is a place for friends and their cravings, it's sweet by the coffee, the good part of a beginning, middle and end of the day, posting, Insta, snap and selfie. Donuts are like you: beautifully grown, sweet, with different toppings and different shapes. Choose the one you like and surprise your loved ones. Or not!

Donuterie - be nuts, be donuts!


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