Thursday 05 September 2019 - Thursday 05 September 2019

Safe on the road - meeting with Piła policemen

September 5 at the Shopping Center! VIVO! Piła will be a meeting of preschoolers with police officers from Piła. We know how important road safety is, which is why we want to make children aware of how to behave at a pedestrian crossing.

Police experts will conduct zebra training - a popular name for crossing lanes. A film will also be shown showing how to maintain road safety.

The best learning is learning through play. Knowledge acquired in this way will definitely stay with children for a long time.

The whole meeting with Piła policemen will end with the distribution of great gadgets that will consolidate the study of road safety rules.

The meeting with policemen will take place on September 5 in the VIVO restaurant zone! Piła, the event will last from 9 to 11.

We cordially invite all preschoolers.