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Oysho adapts current trends to the timeless rules of feminine elegance. Oysho collections are always carefully thought out, thanks to which they combine contemporary trends with the timeless principles of elegance, romance and subtle femininity. Established in 2001, the brand specialises in selling underwear, sports lines, beach and home fashion. Oysho collections are a celebration of women and women's cuts, combining fashion and elegance with comfort and quality. A focus on feminine elegance is also noticeable in shop designs, where Mediterranean aesthetics is mixed with modern technology, giving the effect of a warm, open interior.

As part of the global programme of the Inditex Group, called Join Life, all Oysho collections contain clothes created from sustainable materials. Its purpose is to reduce the consumption of natural raw materials, minimise the impact on the environment at each stage of their production and to protect biological diversity. Oysho at VIVO! Lublin offers underwear and women's clothing closely related to the latest trends and designed in various styles. You can find here funny, sexy and feminine underwear, while at the same time modern and in which you can always feel comfortable. Original accessories make up the perfect complement.

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