DUKA Kitchen Life

A chain of inspiring shops with Swedish-style kitchen and dining room equipment

In 1920, Hjalmar Blomkvist took the first step in creating the history of DUKA. His glass, china and cookware shop in Linköping, Sweden, was a success. He began to open more salons in other cities in Sweden. When it was time to retire, he sold his thriving business. In 1962, the former company of Hjalmar Blomkvist merged with 16 other glass and porcelain shops to form the DUKA chain.
A hundred years have passed, and our offer still includes products designed in those days. Today, DUKA is a prestigious brand with an excellent assortment and professional service, which opens new stores throughout Europe every year. It has been present on the Polish market since 1999 and currently there are over 61 brick-and-mortar stores and the duka.com online store.
"DUKA" in Swedish means "to set the table". For us, it is a magical moment when we sit down to a meal together and strengthen ties with our loved ones. We taste life without haste, taking care of every detail. At DUKA, we inspire you to discover new flavors. We listen to the needs of our customers and share what is best - many years of experience and products created out of passion for cooking.
In our stores you will find a wide selection of kitchenware, porcelain, cutlery and tableware. Seasonal collections of textiles, decorations and kitchen accessories will help create a unique atmosphere in every kitchen and dining room. A visit to our store will certainly help you choose the perfect gift for any occasion.


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