DUKA Kitchen Life

A chain of inspiring shops with Swedish-style kitchen and dining room equipment

DUKA Idea Kitchen Life is a place of great experiences that the brand is happy to share with customers. The DUKA shop at VIVO! Lublin makes sure that high-quality products inspire you to experiment in the kitchen and let you enjoy cooking and preparing meals. The brand listens to people and their needs, because they want to meet all expectations in terms of safety, quality and unique design. All this under the slogan Kitchen Life, which is a showcase and at the same time a commitment of the DUKA brand.

The kitchen is not only a room in which we prepare meals, eat or wash. It is also a space that is the focal point of family life. It is here that we work, relax, play with children and meet with friends. The idea of ​​Kitchen Life confirms the role of the kitchen as the most important room in the house, in which we strengthen bonds and spend time together. It is also reflected in products designed by the DUKA brand.

The combination of many years of tradition with a modern approach allows the company to flexibly respond to new challenges posed by the 21st century. Create the perfect interior with DUKA at VIVO! Lublin.

We invite you to the DUKA shop at VIVO! Lublin.


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