Wyjątkowy Prezent in VIVO! Lublin

Despite the end of the year, our shopping center is not slowing down. Recently, VIVO! we welcomed another tenant - the Unique Gift salon. You can find over 8,000 in it. ideas for original and unconventional gifts that will surely provide many impressions to the recipient.

You can choose from a wide range of a ride in a sports car, a balloon flight, a dinner in an exclusive restaurant or an unforgettable adventure in one of the Escape Rooms. The brand has also created an interesting proposition for undecided people, i.e. Experience Packages. Thanks to them, the recipient chooses what kind of gift he wants to make. The premises, occupying an area of 41 square meters, are located on level -1. We would like to remind you that in VIVO! For a long time, the tenant's commercial island has also been located - it can be found on level 0.

You're welcome!
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