Lifting restrictions and opening more stores and points for all of us means a gradual return to normality. For our VIVO Shopping Center! Lublin is primarily increased preventive measures and prioritization of customer safety.

We are glad that we can see you again while shopping and we hope that you will also be happy to come with us.


When you visit us, you can feel confident and safe, because we take extraordinary preventive measures every day.

What exactly?


We disinfect the most exposed surfaces thoroughly and more often, without forgetting about chairs and tables
We systematically disinfect payment terminals, baskets, prams and children's cars,
To ensure you have a safe shopping experience, employees of individual stores disinfect both changing rooms and fitting clothes.
We regularly clean the floors, using specialized preparations and washing machines.
You should also remember about frequent and thorough hand hygiene. Dispensers with disinfecting liquid can be found at the entrance door to our Center and at the entrance to each store.

We encourage you to watch a short film that we have prepared for you.

In it we show how the staff of our Center cares for your safety and what preventive actions we have taken out of concern for the health and comfort of shopping for customers.


Thank you for complying with existing restrictions and compliance with safety rules.