One card for all stores!

Are you looking for a gift idea? Do you want to give someone a pleasant surprise?

The best solution is the VIVO! Lublin gift card. All you have to do is specify the amount you want to spend as a gift and then top up your card with it. The recipient will be able to independently choose and purchase the desired gift at any store in VIVO! Lublin. A gift card is a type of pre-paid card that is accepted at all center points where you can pay with a MasterCard. Give this simple but great gift to your loved ones on holidays, birthdays or other celebrations.

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How it works

VIVO! Lublin gift card acts as a payment card. Just use it in the payment terminal in the store and it's ready! You can pay with it at VIVO stores and service outlets within the Lublin center.

How to buy a card?

You can buy VIVO! Lublin Gift Card at the Information Point on the level 0 shopping center, in a special Gift Card Maschine located in our Shopping Center next to the restaurant area next to Grycan (payment only by payment card) and on the website The card can be topped up with an amount from 30 to 4000 PLN at the Information Point, or an amount from 30 to 1000 PLN when purchased via Gift Card Maschine or the Internet. The card is issued immediately.

Company Orders

Do you have your own company and would you like to order gift cards for your employees? 

No problem!

Fill in the form for company orders below and send the scan directly to

Detailed information is avaliable by number: +48 22 188 19 09.

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Card validity & Funds

You can check your account balance by calling the helpline on +48 22 188 19 09, or at You can also check the balance in the card scanner in the cartomat or via the QR code reader on your phone.

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