Winter activities for children, because the holidays are just around the corner!

Winter is a magical time full of snow, frost and joyful moments. For children, it is also an opportunity to participate in winter games and activities that not only bring joy, but also develop creativity, social skills and motor skills. Here are some suggestions for winter attractions and activities for children, including toys and children's items available in stores.

If you don't have access to a natural ice rink, organize your own in your backyard. Special sets for freezing the water jacket allow you to create a safe surface for skating. It's great fun that develops balance and coordination skills and is a lot of fun at the same time.
Various sports accessories, including ice skates, snowmobiles and warm gloves, can be found at Martes Sport.

During winter outdoor activities, it is especially important to take care of children's delicate skin. Special protective creams are available at the Rossmann drugstore that protect against frost and wind. They are intended for use on parts of the body exposed to cold conditions, such as the face. These creams not only provide protection against moisture loss, but also help prevent skin irritation, making winter fun even more comfortable. Remember to apply the cream regularly before going outside, so that your little ones can enjoy winter attractions fully protected against unfavorable weather conditions.

If you are looking for winter attractions for children, the Smyk salon is a place where you will find a wide selection of toys that provide joy and outdoor activity. Thanks to their design, sleds, slides and "apples" allow you to safely slide down hills, even in confined spaces. Browse the wide range available in the Smyk showroom to provide your children with unforgettable moments during this fantastic season.

After an intense day outdoors, it's nice to end it by playing a board game or doing a puzzle together. The Świat bookstore offers special editions of winter games that will bring a lot of joy and family integration during winter evenings.

Replace traditional snowman building with innovative creation of kinetic sand castles. Special kinetic sand available in toy stores allows you to shape various structures without getting your hands dirty. Children can have fun at home, developing their imagination and manual skills. You will find these and other creative toys in the SMYK store.

Winter holidays are also a perfect time for a family trip to the cinema. Fairy tale productions intended for the youngest viewers offer not only entertainment, but also valuable messages. The warm atmosphere of the cinema, popcorn and a magical story on the big screen are a guarantee of a successful afternoon for the whole family. Check out the repertoire of the Helios cinema and go to a screening that will provide unforgettable moments of joy and laughter.

In case of extreme weather conditions or when it is too cold outside, VIVO! Kornso may turn out to be an oasis of entertainment for children. In our shopping center - also on Sundays - the Luppo Puppo playroom is open, where the youngest can play safely in colorful corners with various attractions. Playing with peers and overcoming obstacles is not only great entertainment, but also an opportunity to make new friends.

Winter activities for children are not only fun, but also a great way to develop various skills. Available in stores at VIVO! toys and articles for children allow for even more creative and educational spending of time in the winter season. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunity to create memories that will remain in the memory of children and parents for a long time.