The special day has finally arrived! Cool Thursday full of additional opportunities, special offers and hot price reductions. But note: this is only a one-day event, so hurry up and visit VIVO! Loom.

Every last Thursday of the month, we invite you to take advantage of unique promotions available in selected stores. See what awaits you today!

Promotion list:

the second and each subsequent suitcase is 20% cheaper

Promotion for two pieces of perfume - promotional price PLN 99.99 per set
Promotion for 2 pieces of glasses - price PLN 99.99 per set
Women's tights in a set are cheaper, up to PLN 30!
-20 PLN for the second strap when buying 2 pieces!
up to-30% on selected models from the winter collection

2+1 free for the Christmas collection
up to -70% on selected assortment

Discounts up to -50% on selected products

-20% on jackets, coats and shoes when purchased for min. PLN 200

-50% on the second, cheaper product

up to-20% when purchasing care products of selected brands for min. PLN 199 (SENSEI, CLARINS, ESTEW LAUDER, CAUDILE, BIOTHERM, DOUGLAS SKIN FOCUS, TULA SKINCARE, LANCOME)

The world of books
-50% on the second book

-40% on selected children's shoes

Cosmedica drugstore
-40% on selected products

everything from -50% to -70%

second thing today up to-50%

up to-50% on selected winter coats and jackets

up to -50% on selected watch models

2+2 promotion for selected products

Big Star
-30% on the second sale item

1+1 for sweaters
When purchasing a set of sweater, shirt and trousers, the second piece is 50% off, the third piece is PLN 1
-40% on selected suits
-50% on jackets except leather jackets

up to -30% on sweaters
up to 10% discount on coats
up to 30% discount on selected jacket models
up to 30% on woolen jackets

Martes Sport
Up to -70% on selected products
-50% discount on the second product from the clothing, footwear, luggage category - also applies to discounts!

15% discount on Janina women's jeans with myKik card!
15% discount on X-Mail men's jeans with myKik card!
15% discount on children's jeans with myKik card!
15% discount on Ergee-seamless women's underwear with myKik card!
15% discount on pillows, pillowcases and bedding with myKik card

Vision Express
up to -40% on prescription glasses

-70% on winter jackets
-50% on winter shoes, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves

extra-20% on sale when purchasing 3 pieces for club members

When you buy three books, get 1 book for free!

1. Plasticine, baby dolls, dinosaurs, plastic cars, games and puzzles, baby walkers and educational tables -40% on the second cheaper SMIKI product with a Smyk & company card
2. School accessories, water bottles, lunchboxes and school backpacks -50% on forms, cheaper product

-40% on all winter bags and accessories when purchased for min. PLN 89 (also for discounted products)

49% discount on selected mattresses

W. Kruk
-20% on rings when purchasing a ring for at least PLN 1,999 at the W.KRUK Club for Friends

A discount of up to 50% applies to models from the winter collection, and for WOJAS PREMIUM CLUB customers, an additional -15%

up to-60% on selected models of bras and panties

-30% on prom set

Jeweler Sesame
1. Models with a heart motif up to -10%
2. Selected rings up to -30%
3. SPARK 2+1 carnival jewelry

1. With the application -25% on the entire HORNAVAN brand
2. up to-50% on selected watch models

When purchasing 2 pieces, 20% discount on non-sale products.