It's time to start the countdown to Christmas with amazing surprises! Come to VIVO! KROSNO and find an Advent calendar for yourself or your loved ones.


Children and adults love opening the windows of the Advent calendar every day of December. In the showrooms of our VIVO Shopping Center! KROSNO you will find calendars in various variants - from traditional ones, with tempting chocolate or aromatic tea, to those containing small surprises. It's the perfect way to count the days until Christmas and introduce joy into your daily wait.

Surprises for children

Advent calendars are extraordinary enchanted boxes full of joy and excitement, especially for the youngest. Children love opening each little window, discovering wonderful surprises every day. It is a magical way for them to count the days until Christmas, filled with impatient excitement and waiting for further pleasant surprises. The most interesting proposals for children and adults can be found in the ROSSMANN salon.


Surprises for adults

There are also surprises for adults in the form of elegant Advent calendars. Every day in December you can open a new window, discovering exclusive cosmetics, aromatic candles and other luxurious surprises. It is not only a way to joyfully wait for Christmas, but also for a moment of relaxation and pleasure for yourself. Bring a bit of the magic of Advent time into your life and enjoy every day before Christmas!


Cosmetic suggestions for Advent calendars

Cosmetic Advent calendars are a real treat for lovers of beauty and care rituals. Every day in December, open a new window and discover little surprises in the form of luxurious cosmetics. From perfume miniatures to face creams, these magical calendars will introduce you to a world of beauty excitement, making your daily routine full of radiance and elegance. It is not only a gift for the body, but also for the senses, thanks to which the Advent time becomes even more... beautiful!


DIY accessories

If you like to create your own decorations, in the KiK or Pepco stores you will also find a wide selection of materials for making Advent calendars. Ribbons, baubles, artificial twigs and much more - everything you need to create unique decorations that will add a unique atmosphere to your home.


Visit the following salons as soon as possible: ROSSMANN, DOUGLAS, KiK, Pepco and also visit the NeoNail stand!