With a love for healthy food

Vivio brand emerged as a result of love for healthy food and the need to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. ViVio shop at VIVO! Krosno shopping centre is a place where you can find unprocessed products, free of harmful substances, necessary to maintain a balanced diet that enriches your body with all the nutrients that it needs. All of this at competitive prices and the highest quality.


Check out what you will find at our shop at VIVO! Krosno:
• oils, olive oils and butter;
• healthy sweets and snacks;
• nuts and dried fruits;
• spices and herbs;
• grains, seeds, superfoods;
• tea, coffee, yerba mate;
• honey and bee products;
• grains and rice;
• flour and baking products;
• vitamins and minerals;
• dietary supplements;
• natural cosmetics;
• ecological cleaning agents;
• ecological hygienic articles;


Visit us at VIVO! Krosno


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