Vineshop Cavum Carolinum

Wines from all around the world

We offer more than 1,500 types of wine and wine spirits from 30 countries, wines from more than 30 wineries from Bohemia and Moravia and at least 15 casks of cask wine from home and abroad!
When choosing the assortment of wine cellars we follow the following rules: offer a rich selection of wines from all corners of the world with an emphasis on the main wine regions (and Bohemia and Moravia), while ensuring the best possible ratio between price and quality. We carefully taste domestic and foreign wines and if we discover new quality wine, we will immediately include it in our offer. The greatest pleasure for us is your satisfaction! So let's get to know the world of wine, its beauty and specifics, learn to know and recognize the individual smells and tastes, let's try what wine we like. Wine will be rewarded for this with extraordinary experiences.

If you want to know what particular wines we offer, visit our e-shop. Wines and wine spirits, which are offered on the e-shop website, are an up-to-date picture of instant wine stocks of Cavum Carolinum, which is located in Prague's VIVO shopping center! Hostivar at -1. floor. We offer only those wines that we have in stock and for which you can come or order them.


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