Veselá veverka

Crunchy snack without remorse

The Cheerful Squirrel comes with a crunchy snack without remorse.

The next time you think about a fast, tasty and ideally healthy solution to a little hunger or a great appetite for confusion, think of Merry Squirrel. In this network of specialist stores with dried fruits and nuts you will surely choose something good for a tooth. And you won't have to give up taste, quality or health.

You can choose from a really varied menu - from traditional and well-known and flavored or natural nuts and fruits, to exotic species such as roasted macadams, peruvian perch, hibiscus or goji to sweets for sweet tongues. Sample sunflowers in colorful chocolate, sparkling pacifiers, rahat lokum also known as turkish delight or licorice cream blocks. Go for a quick snack, an original gift or something good for a tooth to improve the day. In Merry Squirrel you will always find the right one and nice staff can give advice.


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