Gifts for everyone

Gifts and presents for everyone

Horoscop is a gift shop offering an inexhaustible number of gift items at reasonable prices. Wondering what to give a wife, a friend or a colleague from work? Stop by and we will definitely choose something together.


You can buy ceramic items, pillows filled with fragrant herbs, paintings, candles or semi-precious stones from us. If you are looking for something good, we will be happy to offer you mead, fragrant tea or sweet treats.


Organic quality at reasonable prices

Our motto is "We support Czech products", and therefore more than 80% of the goods sold are of Czech origin. We care about the quality and the goods we sell are certified and often in Organic quality.


Our suppliers include: Natura Grešík, Dr.Popov, Kitl, Saloos, Annabis, Roasted Teas, Cannaderm, Boemi, Saela Beer Cosmetics, original Maříž ceramics, Boemi and many others.

Our friendly staff will help you choose a gift and if you want, they will be happy to wrap it for you. Among other things, we prepare gift packages for companies and individuals. We look forward to your visit.


Offers at Horoskop

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