Automyčka Darling Wash

Self-service contactless car wash

Self-service contactless car wash.
Due to perfectly prepared programmes, you have the opportunity to wash your vehicle right where it is needed without spending a lot of money. Speed ​​and flexibility will save you time and money. Vehicle maintenance is carried out exclusively by means of a pressure nozzle without brushes. The washing system guarantees a shiny, scratch-free, perfectly protected and treated lacquer. Our car wash will be a tool for you to transfer your sense of cleanliness to your vehicle!
Fast, simple, efficient and cheap maintenance of paint cleanliness.
Preservation, washing with powder and softened water.
The demineralised water is so clean that it does not leave any marks on the paint after drying. Also included is an electronically controlled water softener, which prevents scale damage and significantly improves the quality of washing. Your car will leave with a smooth and shiny surface, without damage.
You will be greeted by large, spacious drive-through boxes for passenger cars. Passage through underground garages at the shopping centre Hostivař for vehicles with a maximum height of 2.1m.
It is also possible to wash large vans and small trucks comfortably in the washer, unfortunately without passage. (garage height 2,1m)
In front of the washer there is a large space for reversing caravans, vans and other large vehicles. Entrance vehicles allowed up to 3.5 t and a total height of 3.5 m.
The system is also suitable for motorbikes and scooters.
The washing box is also popular with cyclists who like to wash their bikes after a rough off-road ride.
Constant washing quality throughout the year.
We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit us at the VIVO! Hostivař shopping centre. You will find us at the nearest entrance to the shopping centre by the parking lot.


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