Fuji running sushi & wok

Japanese specialities

In the popular Fuji running sushi & Wok, where Japanese specialties are served, you can eat what you can within 3 hours of Running Sushi. In addition to fresh sushi, salads, fruits and desserts, you can also have meat that you grill on your own.
Running sushi means serving sushi on a treadmill. Running sushi is a pleasant way to enjoy various specialties and tastes of Japanese cuisine. In today's hectic time you can spend pleasant moments in the original ambience of our restaurant, which stands out for its unique atmosphere and is connected with Japanese culture and tradition.
Thanks to the high-quality ingredients we use and the great and professional design in the preparation of meals, you can discover a lot of unusual tastes in our specialties
In addition to running sushi, our restaurant also offers quickies, classic Chinese dishes (Kung-Pao chicken, fragrant and tender chicken, Sichuan chicken, crispy honey duck, sweet and sour chicken, rice noodles, ...) or Thai dishes (Thai red curry with chicken, Thai yellow curry with chicken, tofu after thailand, duck after thailand, shrimp spicy soup, Thai kom yam gong soup, chicken soup with mushrooms and bamboo, Pho chicken soup ....) and Japanese sushi - cucumber, avocado, salmon, tuna, shrimp, eel or mixed menus of mixed sushi.
You can buy the best Chinese specialties at reasonable prices with a pleasant sitting, we also offer gluten-free food and you can also enjoy vegetarians who can taste tofu, mixed vegetables, fried cheese or Chinese salad.
 We believe that you will like it here. We look forward to your visit to the VIVO shopping center! Hostivař on the first floor.


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