Fuji running sushi & wok

Japanese specialities

Japanese classic at Czech prices

At the Fuji running sushi & Wok restaurant, we will give you three hours to eat whatever you can. In addition to fresh sushi, tasty salads, juicy fruit and delicious desserts, you can also enjoy meat, which you can grill yourself on the table.


The concept of running sushi is built on a conveyor belt, on which there are plates with Japanese specialties. Whatever you feel like, you will simply take it. It does not matter the amount of food consumed, we will charge you a single price. In our restaurant you can spend pleasant moments in an original environment with a unique atmosphere combined with Japanese tradition.


Taste Chinese or Thai cuisine

If you don't feel like running sushi, you can reach for the menu of minutes. We have classic Chinese dishes such as Kung-Pao chicken, fragrant and tender chicken, Sichuan chicken, crispy duck on honey and more. You will also find lesser-known Chinese specialties on the menu.


From Thai cuisine we offer Thai red curry with chicken, Thai yellow curry with chicken, tofu in Thai, duck in Thai or specially prepared shrimp.


Sushi we have cucumber, avocado, salmon, tuna, shrimp, eel sushi or a combined menu of several types.


All meals are at reasonable prices, we also cater to vegetarians, customers with a gluten-free or other diet. We prepare meals with tofu, mixed vegetables or delicious salads. We look forward to your visit.


Offers at Fuji running sushi & wok

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