Czech cuisine Mňamka

Restaurant with traditional Czech cuisine

Every day we cook traditional Czech cuisine with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Come and taste one of our grilled specialties.

We have been operating in the field of gastronomy since 2013.
Our restaurant Mňamka - Czech cuisine & grill in the shopping center Vivo Hostivař has built up a stable clientele and is one of the favorite visited businesses.

We offer our customers traditional specialties of Czech cuisine. The quality and authenticity of food is our top priority, so our chefs and service staff come from the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech cuisine is quite difficult to prepare in today's hectic times and customers often come to buy their favorite specialties with them. We will be happy to pack them for you to enjoy at home or in the office.

Our specialties include beef sirloin in cream sauce, schnitzel, grilled knuckle, fried cheese, goulash soup, chicken broth, chicken steak, old Czech goulash, Švejk's potato pancake, beef on garlic, grilled chicken pocket, breaded cauliflower or fried fillets. If you are looking for a lighter meal we will be happy to prepare a tasty and fresh Caesar salad for you. We listen to our customers and therefore we have added foreign dishes that are very popular in the Czech Republic - gnocchi with cabbage or spaghetti bolognese. You can order a pancake with fruit as a sweet dot after meal.

We believe that you will like it here. We look forward to your visit to the VIVO shopping center! Hostivař on the first floor.

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