Confectionery BANY

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Delicious cakes and desserts for every occasion

Have you had a busy day that you would most like to forget? Do you want to celebrate work success or just organize a small family gathering? Café Bany is an ideal place for such events. You can just stop and sit for a while with something good. The good feeling will be enhanced by the great taste of our famous desserts.


We make our own desserts, which is why we have 100% control over their quality. We bake them only from first-class ingredients without any substitutes. In our menu you will find classic cakes, pastries, desserts and gluten-free delicacies. We will be happy to prepare lactose-free cakes to order or otherwise adjust them to your individual requirements.


You will find us on the 1st floor next to the cinema box office. We look forward to your visit.


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