The most colorful time of the year is here!

Dear customers,


With the onset of autumn, pessimists may argue that there is a period of shortening days, cold wounds and sleet. But the rest of us are happy, because the most colorful period is here! And how to enjoy it best? For example, a walk in autumn nature with family or friends. We can then end the day with a joint sitting.


Before heading out, stop by the Takko Fashion store for a few fashionable warm-up pieces. In the evening, open a bottle of fine wine to help you choose from the Cavum Carolinum wine shop.


The pleasant atmosphere is underlined by scented candles from the Kitos store.


Don't forget something good to eat, we recommend homemade sausages or delicious cheeses from Tyrolean farmers from the Family Farm menu.

Your children will certainly confirm that without Halloween, autumn would not be autumn. In addition to daily necessities, you can buy iconic pumpkins for digging in the Albert supermarket.