For a moment we thought time stood still, we thought distance would alienate us, but it wasn't like that!
We kept the distance, but still together, we adapted, and we were close.
We have learned so many things along the way, we went through many states of mind, but we became stronger.
And here we are, well, meeting again, in the new normal, but always remaining the same.

We are prepared with all the necessary hygiene measures, but also additional ones, for a safe shopping and a pleasant atmosphere.

At VIVO! the correct wearing of the protective mask is recommended. We will all respect the temperature measurement and the recommended social distance, we will enter and leave only through the specially marked places, we will walk through the common spaces, disinfected by nebulization, following a separate flow and we will use the disinfectant containers from all entrances and outputs.

Now it's time to be happy for to meet and come together again.