Get ready for school at VIVO!

Whether you are a parent whose children are looking forward to school or not, it is certain that the time to buy school supplies is here. And if you are a responsible parent, you will not leave shopping to the last minute and start it now. The good news is that you will get everything your children need at school in VIVO!

Start shopping, for example, in the Pompo store, the offer of backpacks and pencil cases will surely pleasantly surprise you.


A few steps away you will find a McPen stationery store where you can get all your school supplies, including notebooks, pens, crayons, notebook covers or letter and number boards, and more. 


Snack boxes with Batman, Star Wars, Mimoni and other favorites of your children are waiting for you in the Kitos store.


To make a good impression on the beginning, the little schoolchildren should stop by the Pepco store for a few nice pieces. Every boy and girl can choose from a lot of T-shirts, pants, shirts or dresses. In its offer, Pepco also thinks about free time spent on the field or in nature, so make room in the basket for decent sweatpants.


You can buy quality slippers in Zdravé obouvání.

And speaking of healt, the Herba store will help you choose the best ingredients for a healthy snack.


You can finish your tour in the bookshop Knihy Dobrovský, in addition to textbooks and compulsory school reading, here you will also find the best reading at the end of the holidays.